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Culture, Tourism & Sport Board - Thursday, 17th January, 2019 1.00 pm

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Welcome, declarations of interest and terms of reference


The Chairman noted apologies from Cllr Barry Lewis (Con), Cllr Carl Les (Con) and Cllr Julian German (Ind).


The Chairman also noted the following substitutes; Cllr David Jeffels (Con), Cllr Matthew Lee (Con) and Cllr Clive Woodbridge (Ind).


Cllr Guy Nicholson was in attendance as an observer.


Social Prescribing pdf icon PDF 167 KB


Ian Leete, Senior Adviser, introduced the report setting out the context for social prescribing to arts and sport organisations. He also outlined potential actions and interventions for the Culture, Tourism and Sports Board for 2019. He brought Members’ attention to paragraph 16 of the report which further detailed the impact of concerns about the NHS approach to social prescribing. Ian emphasised that this issue was primarily within the remit of the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Ian also brought Members’ attention to paragraphs 17 to 21 which detailed actions for the work stream and key outcomes for the sector.


Members raised the following points in the discussion that followed:

·         It was suggested that evidence be gathered about what councils are doing in this area and what their ambitions are.

·         A view was expressed that the actions proposed in paragraph 18 should come after further evidence gathering.

·         A view was expressed that it would be beneficial to liaise with voluntary providers on this subject.

·         A view was expressed that a reference to the housing crisis and welfare would need to be included for paragraph 10 to be clear.

·         It was suggested that leisure providers should engaged with on this subject.

·         The importance of social prescribing operating at the local level was emphasised.


The Chair emphasised that the overall responsibility for social prescribing would fall under the remit of the Community Wellbeing Board.




The Culture, Tourism and Sports Board;


·         noted the impact of concerns about the NHS approach to social prescribing in paragraph 16; and

·         agreed the priority actions for this workstream, with the proposed actions in paragraph 18 to be actioned after further evidence gathering, considering the recommendations in paragraphs 17-21.




Officers to develop and implement a delivery plan, in accordance with the Board’s




Tourism Levy pdf icon PDF 96 KB


Rebecca Cox, Principal Policy Adviser, introduced the report on the tourism levy. Rebecca explained that the LGA line was to support local discretion in this area. She highlighted that the People & Places Board and City Regions Board had been undertaking work on this piece as well, and that there was the opportunity for the Culture, Tourism and Sport Board to take work on this forward in looking at how a levy could function in a local area. Rebecca proposed that this work be made up of two strands for Board members to discuss, these being: an engagement strategy; and an independent analysis of the implications for the introduction of greater fiscal freedom in this area. The report requested the Board agree the next steps.


In the discussion that followed, the following points were raised;


·         It was suggested that it would beneficial for the LGA to work closely with Edinburgh and Bath on their trial of a tourism levy and to reflect on learning from this trial.

·         Views were expressed that this work should be carried out at a time frame that allows the LGA to take into account the progress in both Edinburgh and Bath.

·         Members emphasised that one size will not fit all local authorities in applying the tourism levy, in particular where the differences between rural and city areas were concerned.

·         A view was expressed that flexibility for local authorities setting up a tourism levy would be crucial in finding a solution.

·         Queries were raised as to whether the money would be ring fenced to be used to support the local tourism industry and members emphasised that the money must be owned by local government..

·         In response to this query the Chairman explained that he understood this would be a hypothecated tax in which the money is spent where it is raised and that it will be spent on the local tourist industry.

·         The importance of flexibility of scale was raised.

·         Concerns were raised that introducing the tourism levy could pose challenges to local tourism economies.

·         It was raised that the tourism levy had been proven to be very unpopular with businesses in Cornwall.

·         It was suggested that liaising with the Tourism Alliance around the Tourism Levy would be helpful.

·         Members noted the importance of making sure the impact of seasonal visitors be properly managed and funded.

·         Members expressed a preference for a standalone tourism levy rather than using the BID model.


The Chairman summarised that it was the Board’s view that holding discussions with a range of council Leaders on this later in the year, as well as evidence gathering from tourism levy trials in both Edinburgh and Bath, would best inform the Culture, Tourism and Sport Board’s work on the tourism levy.




The proposed recommendations were agreed by the Culture, Tourism and Sport Board on the commissioning of further research into the Tourism Levy, supported by an effective engagement strategy. This was agreed with the amendment that the engagement strategy take a slower pace to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Activity Update pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Ian Leete, Senior Adviser, introduced the report providing an update on the work of the CTS team. He highlighted that they now had the resources to appoint an Improvement Adviser, and that they were also advertising new peer challenges.


The following points were raised;

·         Following a query, Ian confirmed that for a peer challenge on libraries to be undertaken all local authorities involved in this service would need to be engaged with and agree.

·         Ian confirmed that there would be more publicity to come around the Annual Conference for Culture and Tourism.

·         A view was expressed that the previous Leadership Essentials was really valuable and should have more advertisement to fill capacity.




The Culture, Tourism and Sport Board noted the activity of the team.




The team to provide a training day for peers and peer challenge managers before they conduct the library and culture peer challenges.


The team to work on booking speakers and arranging agendas for the upcoming Culture and Sports Leadership Essentials Courses.



Outside Bodies Report pdf icon PDF 172 KB


Cllr David Jeffels was nominated and appointed as the Culture, Tourism and Sports Board representative to the Coastal SIG.





The Board noted the updates from the outside bodies and appointed Cllr David Jeffels to represent the Board to the Coastal SIG.




Officers to act upon the Board’s nomination to the Coastal SIG.



Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 177 KB


Following a short discussion the Culture, Tourism and Sport Board agreed for the minutes to appear at the start of the meeting agenda in future.




The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a correct record.




The Minutes of the last meeting to appear at the start of Culture, Tourism and Sport Board meeting agenda.




Any other business


Views were expressed that the Board agenda needed more items for future meetings.


Members raised the following points;


·         It was suggested that both the Sport England and Arts Council England could present at future meetings.

·         The Chairman raised that there had been feedback in previous years that Culture, Tourism and Sport Board meetings had been too long and that the Board needed to be mindful of this.

·         It was suggested an item on cultural engagement with young people could be included in a future agenda.

·         It was raised that a report from the Football Association on the roll out of money to grass roots projects would be included in a future agenda.

·         It was requested that it be looked into whether Members can dial into the next meeting in Sheffield by skype.


The Culture, Tourism and Sport Board also agreed for the Work Programme to be included in the agenda for each meeting of the Board.




Work Programme to be included in each Culture, Tourism and Sport Board meeting agenda.


Member Services Officer to investigate the possibility of Members using skype to dial into the next Board meeting in Sheffield.