Children & Young People Board

Purpose of committee


Children and Young People Board Terms of Reference


Local Government Association (LGA) Boards engage with and develop a thorough understanding of councils' priorities in relation to their particular programme area.  They also help shape our business plan and, through extensive engagement with councils, oversee programmes of work that deliver the strategic priorities set by the LGA Executive.


The Children and Young People Board has responsibility for Local Government Association (LGA) activity on the wellbeing of children and young people, including education, social care, health and early years.


Board Objectives:


·         To support and promote the council role in achieving better outcomes for children 0 to 19.


·         To articulate and promote a strong strategic role for councils in education, ensuring they have adequate powers and funding  to meet their education responsibilities.


·         To develop and influence proposals to improve support and protection for vulnerable children, and to help councils deliver consistently good outcomes for all local children.


·         To influence  the delivery and commissioning of public health services which promote the health and wellbeing of  children and young people.  



For information on the latest activities of the Board, you can view the Chair’s regular reports to Councillors' Forum.


The Board membership detailed below has been appointed effective from 1 September 2018 through to the end of the LGA meeting cycle at the end of July 2019.



Contact information

Support officer: Amber Chandler. 020 7664 3242/ Email: