Fire Services Management Committee

Purpose of committee


Fire Services Management Committee Terms of Reference


The role of the Fire Services Management Committee (FSMC) is to represent as an LGA body the views and concerns of the fire community ensuring that local circumstances have a voice in the national context. FSMC will take the lead on behalf of the LGA: on the future direction of the fire and rescue service; improvement within the sector; and on all other day-to-day issues (e.g. technical or operational matters) affecting fire authorities.


Board Objectives:


·           Make the case for risk-based funding of the fire and rescue service


·           Work to transform service delivery, including greater collaboration across blue-light services


·           Influence the proposed governance changes to retain the independence of the fire and rescue service


·           Support the development of the role of firefighters for the future



Contact information

Support officer: Felicity Harris. 0207 664 3231 / Email:

Postal address:
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Local Government House
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Phone: 0207 664 3231